A group of armed extremist Israeli settlers occupied privately-owned Palestinian farmland at gunpoint. The land belongs to a resident of Al-Khader city, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem.Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Al-Khader, Ahmad Salah, stated that a settler, known as Hanania, and several armed settlers who accompanied him, occupied 6 Dunams of farmland west of Al-Khader.

The land, located in Ein Al-Qassis area, belongs to resident Mohammad Mustafa Ghneim.

Salah stated that when Ghneim went to his land on Saturday morning, he found “Hanania” in his land preventing him from entering it, and told him that “this land is now his own property”, and threatened to shoot Ghneim should he return to the land. Hanania had ploughed the land and was preparing to plant it.

Hanania and his armed companions are believed to be behind several attacks against the residents and their lands, and previously grabbed more than 300 Dunams of farmland that mostly belong to Sbeih family, the WAFA News Agency reported.

The settlers are also behind attacks that included releasing fierce dogs that bit several farmers, and also repeatedly stole agricultural equipment in addition to flooding farmlands with waste water.