Israel has been urged to give immediate and sustainable health care to Palestinian hunger strikers including their transfer to civilian hospitals.Some 1,600 Palestinian prisoners are currently refusing food in protest against solitary confinement, detention without charge and restrictions on family visits, education and various rights.

They have stated their concern regarding one of the strikers who is suffering from thalassemia a blood condition and has “refused his regular life-saving blood transfusions in addition to food.

The hunger strikers have gained international attention within Europe and the rest of the world. Two of the protestors Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla marked their 73rd day without food on Friday however the Red Cross and various rights groups say that several other prisoners are also close to death.

Some progress has been reported on some of the prisoners’ demands regarding visits from families but other issues regarding case by case reviews of solitary confinement have not been as fruitful.