Palestinian sources reported that detainee Mahmoud Kamel As-Sarsak, currently held at the Ramla Prison Hospital is determined to continue his hunger strike until his release or death.Sarsak was kidnapped by the Israeli army more than three years ago, and never faced charges since then; Israel is holding him captive under the so-called “illegitimate combatant” that was used against Palestinians captured during the three-week war on Gaza.

He was moved, more than eight days ago, to the Asaf Ha-Rofe hospital for pancreas surgery, and is suffering from sharp pain in his stomach and passes out from time to time.

His brother, Imad, said that he also suffers from vision problems, dizziness and headache, and that he lost a significant amount of weight.

Sarsak is also refusing to receive vitamins and medications, his brother added.

Lawyer Jawad Boulos, stated six days ago that Sarsak is unable to walk and is suffering from law blood sugar in addition to sharp increase in his heart beats.

He was reportedly offered to be exiled to Norway for three months but rejected the offer and said that he accepts no partial solutions, adding that all detainees are united with their demands and will not break their strike without having these demands met, the Ahrar Wledna Website reported May 13.

The Ahrar Wledna (We Were Born Free) defines itself as that official website for Hamas political prisoners held by Israel.

Sarsak is determined to continue his strike until he is release and sent back to his family in the Shaboura refugee camp, in Rafah city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

He was taken prisoner on July 22, 2009 at the Erez Terminal between while heading to participate in a soccer tournament. Israel held him under administrative detention, without charges, for six months, and renewed these administrative detention orders against his six consecutive times under the pretext of posing threat to the Israeli public.

Ahrar Wledna said that Sarsak is the only Palestinian detainee who is currently being held for being “an illegitimate combatant”, all administrative detention detainees never faced charges and are being held under what Israel dubs as “secret security file” that neither the detainees, nor their lawyers have access to.