The Maan News Agency reported that on Sunday the Israeli Ofer Israeli Military Court postponed its verdict announcement in the case against the Coordinator of the Popular Resistance Committee, Naji Tamimi, who was rearrested several days ago, and the case against Basim Tamimi, who was exiled from his home village as a precondition for his release.The Popular Resistance Committee confirmed that the Court dropped most charges against Basim Tamimi, due to the fact that there was no legal standing to the case as Israeli interrogators intimidated some detained children from the village forcing them to sign false confessions implicating Tamimi.

Dozens of peace activists gathered at the gates of Ofer prison after calls were sent through social websites calling on the residents to hold a protest, in solidarity with Bassin and Naji, in front of the Ofer Prison.

The protesters demanded the immediate release of Naji and the cancellation of the original decision to bar Basim from his village of an-Nabi Saleh.

They chanted slogans denouncing the illegal Israeli occupation, and its military courts that prosecute nonviolent resistance activists.

Bassem and Naji are well-known figures of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance against Israel’s illegal Annexation wall and settlements in the occupied West Bank.