The WAFA News Agency reported a press release by the Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) today that hotel occupancy in the Palestinian areas decreased by 16% in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, and by 13% when compared to first quarter 2011.
The PCBS said that a total of 115,433 guests stayed in hotels in the Palestinian Territory during the first quarter of 2012. 45% of the guests were from European Union countries, 10% were Palestinian, and 8% were from the United States and Canada.

Room occupancy in the Palestinian Territory was 22% in 2012, which is lower by 17% compared to the previous quarter and lower by 26% compared to the first quarter of 2011.

During the first quarter of 2012, there were 2,535 hotel workers, of whom 2,033 were male and 502 were female, added PCBS.

In March, 2012 there were 27 hotels in the middle regions of the West Bank, 27 hotels in Jerusalem, 26 hotels in the southern parts of the West Bank, and 10 hotels in the northern regions of the West Bank, as well as 12 hotels in the Gaza Strip.