The office of the detained democratically-elected head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Dr. Aziz Dweik, denied reports claiming that Dr. Dweik received an “offer” from Israel to be exiled out of Palestine for two years in exchange for his release.The office said that all media reports on the issue are false, and that what actually happened was that the defense attorney filed an appeal for Dweik’s release, and that the lawyer has not received a response yet.

Dweik’s Bureau said that information about the PLC head must only be obtained from official sources, either through the head of the Bureau or the defense attorney, and called on media outlets to ensure accuracy in their news items, and to obtain information from their official sources.

Dweik is currently held under administrative detention, without charges or trial. He is one of 27 democratically-elected legislators currently imprisoned by Israel.

There are nearly 4,700 Palestinians currently imprisoned in 17 Israeli prisons, detention camps and interrogation centers; this includes six women and 185 children, approximately 320 Palestinians are held under Administrative Detention orders.