Vandals attacked the village of Neve Shalom/ Wahat as-Salaam on Friday damaging cars and leaving racist graffiti.The slogans, which were sprayed onto buildings and cars, included ‘death to Arabs’ and ‘Kahane was right’ in reference to Meir Kahane, and American-Israeli rabbi who established the ultra-nationalist Kach party, who are banned from participating in Israeli elections.

Furthermore, the graffiti stated’ regards from Ulpana’ and ‘revenge’ in reference to the decision by the State of Israel that five outposts in the Ulpana settlement block cannot be retroactively legalized, although 13 have been.

Such attacks, known as Price Tag attacks, are carried out, principally, against Palestinian communities in Israel and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, following Israeli decisions to dismantle settlement outposts.

In addition to vandalism from graffiti, 14 cars had their tyres slashed.

The village, located in the Latrun district of Israel, was established as a cooperative in the 1970s by Jewish Israelis and Palestinian citizens of Israel as a model of peaceful co-existence.