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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday June 14th, 2012.

Two injured in Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip meanwhile Israel is planning to build a fence along the borders with Jordan, these stories and more, coming up, stay tuned.

Palestinian medical sources reported that two Palestinians farmers have been injured in an Israeli artillery shelling of Khan Younis in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Wide areas of agricultural land caught fire as a result of the intensive shelling as well.

Israeli military sources claimed that the shelling was triggered by a Palestinian sniper opened fire at an Israeli car driving along the Gaza borders with Israel.

In the meantime, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, instructed the defense establishment to weigh the possibility of constructing a fortified border fence along the border with jordan.

Talking to the Israeli Radio, Brigadier Gen. Eran Ofir, who heads the military border management project, including the construction project of an advanced security fence along the border with Egypt, said that Netanyahu instructed his department to weigh the possibility of constructing a similar fence with Jordan.

Ofir added that the fence Israel is building along the border with Egypt, and around the Eilat coastal city, will be completed in early 2013.

The fence Israel is building along the border with Egypt is planned to be 141 miles long, and 112 miles are a;ready completed meanwhile the fence in Eilat will be around 12 miles long.

An Israeli military court ordered the imprisonment of Amro Naffa’, 18, the son of Arab Member of Knesset, Sa’id Naffa’, for two more weeks for refusing military service in the Israeli army; the decision was made a few days after Naffa’ was released following two-week imprisonment for refusing to go for compulsory military service.

Naffa’ refused medical checkups that the army intended to perform before sending him to the compulsory military service; he said that he refuses to be part of an army that occupies and oppresses the Palestinian people.

Naffa’ is from the Druze Beit Jan town in the Galilee. His four brothers were previously detained and imprisoned for refusing enlistment in the Israeli military.

There are hundreds of Arabs, Druze and Jewish-Israelis who have been imprisoned for rejecting the compulsory military services, citing their right to refuse to serve in an army that occupies another nation’s territory.

In related news, an Israeli young man who served in the Israeli army wants to renounce his Israeli citizenship and is seeking Palestinian on nested and is hoping move to live in the occupied Palestinian territories, the AP reported on Thursday.

Andre Pshenichnikov, a 23-year-old Jewish immigrant from Tajikistan was recently released from Israeli jail after he was recently arrested for living in the Deheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem. Israel prohibits its citizens to enter the Palestinian Authority controlled areas.

Pshenichnikov who is currently traveling in Europe for two months is planning to move to Deheishe upon his return to the country. The AP report added that Pshenichnikov wants to severe all his ties with Israel after he started to question Israel’s behaviour towards the Palestinian people form what he observed during his three-year mandatory service and one and half additional years in the Israeli army.

That’s all from IMEMC News. This was the Thursday June 14th daily roundup of news from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. For more news and updates please visit our website at Today’s report has been brought to you by Husam Qassis and me George Rishmawi