The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported that the Israeli Prison Authority imposed sanctions on a number of hunger striking detainees, who started their strike 19 days ago, demanding that the Palestinian political factions achieve comprehensive reconciliation.The PPS issued a press release stating that the sanctions included denying the detainee to family visits for one month, placing them in solitary confinement for one week, imposing a 250 NIS (Approximately $65) fine on each of them, and also transferred three prisoners, identified as Nasser ash-Shaweesh, Salah al-Bokhary and Mohammad al-Hamama, to an undisclosed location.

Also, detainee Abdul-Atheem Abdul-Haq, stated that his strike, along with seven other detainees, aims mainly at demanding that the Palestinian factions implement the Doha Agreement, as it is considered an important step towards ending internal divisions, and achieving reconciliation.

He added that in Israeli detention camps, the detainees do not think about how to survive in prison, but how to be freed, adding that “internal divisions between the Palestinian factions are killing their aspirations. Therefore, we are holding our strike, and joining our people, in the call for ending internal divisions, as Fateh and Hamas movements must reconcile”.

The detainees who are holding hunger strike for reconciliation are Nasser ash-Shaweesh, Salah al-Bokhary, Mohammad Hamama, Nasser Abu Kishik, Abdul-Rahman Othman, Bilal Bahloul, and Abdul-Atheem Abdul-Haq.