The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, denounced the Lebanese Army attack on the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon on Monday. The attack led to several injuries among the refugees. Five Palestinian refugees, including a child, have been killed since Friday by Lebanese army fire in the camp and several refugees were injured.The movement said that what happened in the camp, and what is happening, is an attack against nonviolent popular activities meant to defend the dignity of the refugees, who are suffering from poverty and harassment.

Hamas said that the Lebanese army is besieging the refugee camp, and is denying the refugees their basic human rights.

It demanded the commanders of the army order the siege lifted, as the camp has been under siege for five years now, and added that the lifting will be the first step in easing tensions, easing the suffering of the refugees, and in preventing any further escalation and bloodshed.

Five refugees, including a child, were killed, and ten refugees were wounded during clashes that took place with the Lebanese army surrounding the refugee camp; two of the refugees were killed on Monday evening.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, ordered the Palestinian Ambassador in Lebanon to conduct talks with Lebanese officials in order to contain the clashes.