Two Palestinians have been killed and five others injured, on Friday, following two separate Israeli air force strikes in the Gaza Strip.Reuters has reported that both men were fighters belonging to a Salafist group, who Israeli daily Haaretz have named as Jaljalat, although the Popular Resistance Committees have claimed one of the men as a member of their group.

Earlier reports from various outlets reported on the first air raid that struck Al-Boreij Refugee Camp, in the central Gaza Strip, leading to one death and one injury.

According to the BBC, the deceased was named as Basel Ahmed by an Israeli military spokesperson, who claimed that Ahmed was preparing a projectile to fire.

The second slain resident was identified as Homam Abu Qadous, 20, from Sheikh Radwan; he died from his wounds at the Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

The strikes followed the firing of two projectiles earlier in the day and in total the State of Israel has stated that four projectiles were fired in total on Friday, causing no injury or damage.

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, later claimed that they fired four projectiles, Ma’an News Agency Reported.

The total of projectiles reported to be fired during Friday has varied.

The second air raid targeted the north of the Gaza Strip, and came as a result of rocket fire in the late evening. The Israeli air force claims that, as in the earlier instance, the air raids targeted fighters in the process of firing projectiles.

The relative calm of the last few months has been broken this week, with various military wings firing projectiles into Israel and multiple Israeli airstrikes.

Nine Palestinians have been killed and scores were injured, along with the injury of four Israeli soldiers.