A group of hackers calling themselves “Pirates Of Gaza, the Winds of Victory”, managed Thursday to hack the official webpage of the Israeli Knesset, and replaced its front page with information about Israeli leaders. The group demanded that Israel halt its settlement activities in the West Bank, in addition to stopping the excavations under the al-Aqsa Mosque.The group stated that it has more sensitive information about Israeli leaders, and that it will publish more of them if Israel does not halt the settlement construction and expansion in occupied Jerusalem, and also demanded the release of all political prisoners.

They did not declare affiliation with a certain political faction, and wrote on the site that “resistance, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Fateh movement, will be victorious”
Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that the Knesset webpage was retrieved and fixed within minutes of being hacked, and that an investigation into the incident was launched.

It is worth mentioning that hackers, considering themselves members of the “Pirates of Gaza” hackers team, managed last January to hack into the webpage of Israeli deputy Foreign Minister, Danni Ayalon, who was commenting on the “Saudi hacker” who infiltrated sensitive Israeli webpages, by stating that “those hackers are carrying out cyber terrorist attacks”.

The hackers released personal information of a number of Israelis, including ID card numbers, credit card numbers and information, and other sensitive information.
According to the Zone-H* webpage, the group previously managed to infiltrate and destroy hundreds of webpages; most of them were Israeli sites.

* Zone-H is an archive of defaced websites. Once a defaced website is submitted to Zone-H, it is mirrored on the Zone-H servers, it is then moderated by the Zone-H staff to check if the defacement was fake. Sometimes the hackers themselves submit their hacked pages to the site. It is an Internet security portal containing original IT security news, digital warfare news, geopolitics, proprietary and general advisories, analyses, forums, researches. Zone-H is the largest web intrusions archive. It is published in several languages – Wikipedia.