On Thursday, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education announced the 2012 results for the country-wide Tawjihi exams. Over 87,000 students sat for the Tawjihi exams, similar to high school exit exams, with 62.2 percent obtaining a pass mark according to Deputy Minister of Education Jihad Zakarneh.

The results were announced at a press conference in Ma’an News Network’s Ramallah office and broadcast on Mix TV.

The Tawjihi is administered every year for Palestinian students seeking a high school diploma and is required for those who wish to enter university in Palestine. Each student’s score determines which programs a student can enter.

87,611 students were registered for the test and 52 percent of them were women. 50,158 were from the West Bank and 37,453 were from Gaza.

Students often complain about how difficult the exams are, but today was all about celebration. Teenagers drove around in their cars for hours hanging out windows and sunroofs, honking horns, cheering and lighting firecrackers.