A Palestinian man was killed after a car explosion in Gaza. No official word yet has been released as to the cause of the explosion.On Wednesday morning 22-year old Ayman al-Sharafa was killed when a car exploded in Gaza City, reports Ma’an News. A spokesperson with the Ministry of Health in Hamas-administered Gaza had no further comment on the individual or the explosion.

Other agencies have reported that al-Sharafa was a militant traveling with explosives in his car when the devices detonated unexpectedly, according to AFP. There are also reports that at least two others were in the vehicle with al-Sharafa when the explosion occurred. The unnamed individuals were not critically injured, reports The Huffington Post.

Al-Sharafa was reportedly connected to Gaza’s militant Qassam brigade, which fired one unguided rocket over the border wall on Thursday morning. The rocket was shot down by an Israeli tank with no injuries or damage reported, according to the Times of Israel.

The homemade rockets are often nothing more than plumbing or scrap metal stuffed with explosives. They are far more deadly to Gazans than any would-be targets in Israel. The munitions cannot be controlled or aimed after launch and are typically shot down by Israeli defensive systems. Those that do manage to land in Israel frequently land in empty fields. Just as frequently they explode unexpectedly injuring brigade members.