A report written by Israeli reporter Amira Hass of Haaretz, revealed that the southern Hebron hills, in the southern part of the West Bank, is witnessing extensive Israeli military activities, an issue that is raising fear among the residents of an impending demolition of their homes. The report indicated that two military helicopters transported paratroopers who landed in Al-Moghar village, one of eight villages that Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, recently stated that Israel will evacuate them in order to use the area for military training purposes.

The villages are not recognized by Israel, and are located in areas that are of clear Israeli military and security interest.

Dozens of homes were previously demolished and their inhabitants were displaced due to illegal Israeli military and settlement activities in the area.

Local sources reported that military helicopters conducted six flights, transporting soldiers who installed “operation tents” just outside the village where two armored military jeeps, and a hummer jeep, were stationed.

The sources said that the soldiers were masked, and that they took pictures of caves, tents and some structures, and also searched several homes causing extensive damage, while some soldiers spilled milk jars and butter onto the ground.

The report indicated that dozens of children were terrified by the invading soldiers, especially the masked soldiers who were deployed around the homes and tents.

Last week, the army conducted similar activities in four nearby Palestinian villages, while the soldiers also detained and interrogated dozens of residents, in addition to taking pictures of caves, tents and structures in the area.

The soldiers also photographed solar panels that were installed last year to provide the residents with power.

Dozens of families in the area have to live in caves and tents due to illegal Israeli restrictions that prevent any recognition of these villages, while the army uses the landscape for military training.