At least twenty persons, members of extremist groups, were killed when Egyptian Apache helicopters bombarded areas in Al-Arish and in Sinai where armed extremist are believed to be based. This is the time that the Egyptian Air Force bombards Sinai since the 1973 war with Israel.The Maan News Agency reported that Egyptian Apache helicopters bombarded “vehicles transporting terrorists” in three areas; At-Toma village, Ash-Shallaq village, and Al-Atayqa village.

Armed fundamentalists also fired an anti-aircraft missile at one of the military Apache helicopters forcing it to leave the area after also being subject to extensive gunfire.

Maan added that Egyptian soldiers are currently surrounding armed extremists with the help of Bedouin Sheiks in order to contain the situation in At-Toma village, known for housing the largest number of armed extremists.

Furthermore, Egyptian security sources stated that six Egyptian soldiers were injured when armed extremists attacked an army post in Al-Arish.

On Tuesday at dawn, an armed extremist group carried out several attacks against Egyptian military posts around Al-Arish leading to extended gun battles and several injuries.

Egyptian security sources said that that several ambushes that were set up by the Egyptian army were attacked near Al-Arish Airport, and in the other areas west of Al-Arish; several injuries among the Egyptian soldiers were reported.

An Egyptian civilian was also shot in the head and was moved to Al-Arish hospital suffering very serious injuries. Hundreds of residents also rushed to Al-Arish hospital to donate blood for wounded Egyptian soldiers and civilians.

Maan reporter in Al-Arish quoted Egyptian security sources stating that the extremists who are attacking the military posts are wearing black uniforms similar to the uniforms that the extremists, who carried out the Rafah attack against the Egyptian soldiers, were wearing.

Furthermore, for the first time since the 1973 war, two Egyptian Apaches were seen flying over Al-Arish, chasing armed fundamentalists, and firing missiles at extremists in the area.

Also, the Egyptian Intelligence was tipped that armed extremists are planning to attack police and military posts in the Sheikh Zweid area, in addition to receiving info that armed extremists infiltrated, from nearby countries, into Al-Arish to attack Egyptian security posts.

The confrontations started after sixteen Egyptian policemen were killed, Sunday, during an early-morning raid near the Gaza Rafah crossing along the Egyptian border.

The newly elected Islamist president, Mohammad Morsi, and the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, along with several political and social groups denounced the attack and hinted Israeli involvement. The Egyptian government and president vowed to act decisively against extremist elements operating in Sinai.