The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that resident Ayman Hasan Ghayatha, 36, who was wounded along with his family by a firebomb hurled by extremist Israeli settlers at a Palestinian taxi near Bethlehem on Thursday, is now in a serious condition at the Hadassah Israeli hospital in Jerusalem.Resident Ribhi Ghayatha told the PNN that Ayman was directly hit by the firebomb in his abdomen leading to serious injuries; Mohammad is currently at the Intensive Care Unit in Hadassah Israeli Hospital in Jerusalem.

Ribhi added Ayman suffered several serious injuries, in addition to an injury that led to a hole close to his heart.

Head of the Emergency Department of the Red Crescent in Bethlehem, Abdul-Halim Ja’afra, reported that wounded residents were identified as Bassam (cab driver) Mahmoud Ghayatha, 55, Ayman Hassan Ghayatha, 35, his wife Jamila Abdul-Hai, 28, their children; Mohammad, 5, and Eman, 4, and Hasan Mohammad Hasan Ghayatha, 26.

As for the family members, Ribhi said that their health conditions are gradually deteriorating due to severe injuries and fourth degree burns, the worst degree of burns as the flesh is burnt to the bone.

The settlers who hurled the firebomb apparently mixed it with chemicals to inflict maximum harm, medical sources reported.

Jamila Ghayatha, the wife of Ayman, is currently facing several health complications. The Taxi driver, Bassam Mahmoud Ghayatha, is also in a serious condition.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent letters to Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister, Salaam Fayyad, informing them that his government will apprehend the assailants.

On Monday, Israel arrested five Israeli teenage settlers who participated in a lynch mob attack against a 17-year-old Palestinian youth, in Jerusalem on Friday, causing serious injuries that landed him at the Intensive Care Unit.

The Israeli Police said that intends to conduct more arrests as the investigation continues.

Chanting ‘Death to Arabs’, the settlers attacked three young Palestinians, nearly killing one and severely wounding the other two.

PNN reported that resident Jamal Julani was left fighting for his life after being attacked in “Zion Square” in Jerusalem. He was surrounded by approximately a dozen young settlers who kept beating and kicking him even after he fell unconscious.