The Israeli Police reported Monday that it apprehended seven Israeli youths suspected of involvement in the lynch attempt, carried out Friday, against three Palestinian youths in Jerusalem, leading to serious injuries.Israeli Police Spokeswoman, Luba Samri, told Agance France Press (AFP) that the police investigation is ongoing, and that seven Israeli were arrested.

She said that four males and two females, under the age of 18, and one 19-year-old youth, were arrested and are currently being interrogated for direct involvement in the assault.

Samri further stated that a 15-year-old Israeli youth punched the Palestinian youth in the chest, directly above the heart area, leading to a heart attack.
The Palestinian Youth, Jamal Julani, 17, is currently in a serious condition at the Hadassah Israeli hospital in Jerusalem.

The Israeli youth, who punched Al-Jolani in his chest, told reporters before entering the district court in Jerusalem that he is not sorry for what he did, the Quds Net news Agency reported.

“I am not sorry for what I did, I don’t care if he dies”, the youth said, “Forty youths participated in attacking him”.

The Israeli Police said that intends to conduct more arrests as the investigation continues.

The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that Julani was left fighting for his life after being attacked in “Zion Square” in Ben Yihuda street in Jerusalem. The extremists kept punching and kicking him until he lost consciousness. The assailants were chanting “Death to Arabs”.