An Egyptian security source told the Maan News Agency that the ongoing negotiations between Tel Aviv and Cairo led to an understanding regarding the deployment of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula.The talks are being held at the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing; several Israeli officials recently objected to the deployment of more Egyptian soldiers in Sinai as such deployment violates the Camp David Peace Agreement between the two countries.

But a number of Israeli officials said that all movements and deployment of Egyptian forces in Sinai, to counter armed groups, were coordinated with Tel Aviv.

The Egyptian source told Maan that Egyptian and Israeli security officials held more than six meetings over the period of three consecutive days.

The source further said that “Israel is worried about the increase of terrorist activities in Sinai”, and that Israeli officials also said that they are concerned regarding the deployment of more Egyptian soldiers and heavy artillery in Sinai.

This deployment is the first since the two countries signed the Camp David Accords in 1978 and 1979.

Israel security and political officials said that despite the Israeli concerns regarding the deployment, Israel understands the Egyptian position as it is part of what Tel Aviv called war of terror.

The Egyptian officials told their Israeli counterparts that the situation in Egypt is very bad, amidst the rise of armed extremist groups and their attacks against Egyptian military personnel.

Israel refrained from practicing pressure on Egypt to remove its addition forces that were deployed in Sinai, and only expressed “concerns regarding this deployment”.

The Egyptian security source told Maan that Egypt might deploy more soldiers in Sinai as part of its efforts to eradicate armed groups, especially since Sinai is a large area that requires more deployment and more military operations.

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian war jets are surveillance flights over Sinai in an attempt to uncover armed groups operating there.

Furthermore, the Multinational Military Forces in Sinai recorded what they called Egyptian military violations that could cost Cairo millions of US Dollars.

Egypt started its military campaign in Sinai after armed extremists attacks an Egyptian military base on Sunday August 5; 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed and several others were injured.