Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Tuesday evening, a Palestinian citizen of Jerusalem after the army, undercover units and security officers, invaded a sweets shop in Az-Zahra’ Trade Center in Salah Ed-Deen Street, in occupied East Jerusalem.Local sources reported that the soldiers kidnapped Luay Nasser Ed-Deen, the owner of the shop, after violently searching his shop causing damage.

The undercover forces then cuffed Luay and blindfolded him before moving him to the Al-Maskobiyya interrogation facility in Jerusalem.

In related news, Israeli soldiers invaded, also on Tuesday evening, several areas in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, mainly in the towns on Doura and Ath-Thahewriyya.

Eyewitnesses reported that the army was extensively deployed on main junctions near Doura city, specifically the Al-Fawwar Junction, south of Hebron, and Ash-Shajina Road, south of Hebron.

The soldiers also installed a roadblock at the main road that leads to Kharsa village, near Doura.