Egypt’s Intelligence warned Israel and the United States that extremists are planning attacks against the embassies of the two countries in Cairo, and said that these attacks are planned by the “Global Islamic Jihad”.The letter is dated September 4, and was addressed to the Egyptian deputy Interior Minister, General Sami Sidhom.

Israel claims that the global Islamic Jihad was behind the deadly attack against that to place last month against an Egyptian military base leading to the death of 16 officers.

The Al-Masry Al-Youm Egyptian paper reported that members of the Global Islamic Jihad, operating in Egypt, are planning these attacks,

The paper said that it received a copy of a confidential letter that was sent to Seedhom, informing him that “fighters in Gaza and in Egypt are planning the attacks against the two embassies”.

It added that those behind the plans have been identified as Nader Bassam Hussein, 22, from the Gaza Strip, and Osama Abu Talha who is believed to be Egyptian as no further information is available.

The letter was sent to all security centers, and national security forces in all districts in Egypt, and revealed that the Military Intelligence informed the Ministry of Interior last week that 22 members “of the most dangerous Jihadist groups in Sinai are planning terrorist attacks”, according to the paper.

Three of the twenty-two have been identified, and are believed to be in the Al-Giza city, they are also believed to be planning sensitive targets, police stations, and army camps.