The Israeli Radio, Channel 2, (Reshet Bet) reported that senior Israeli security officials filed an urgent recommendation to the Israeli Government of Benjamin Netanyahu to transfer large sums of cash to Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, in order to prevent the collapse of his government amidst massive waves of protests demanding his resignation.The officials said that Israel must transfer the money to Fayyad’s government very soon in order to save his government, and enable it to pay salaries, and reduce living costs.

The Radio quoted a senior Palestinian security officials stating that Fayyad will likely resign despite the fact that President Mahmoud Abbas wants him to remain in his post.

The officials said that the situation of the Palestinian government in Ramallah is very serious, and is gradually escalating as the P.A became unable to function due to its sharp financial crisis.

They sent the following recommendations to the Government;

1. Transferring large sums of cash to the P.A; the amount to be determined today.

2. Transferring all Tax and Customs money Israeli collects on behalf of the P.A on border terminals (The P.A does not control any border terminals in the West Bank).

3. To issue a call to Europe and the United States to support the P.A. by all means. (The decision to be made during next week’s meeting of Donor Countries in New York).

Israel and the United States imposed financial sanctions on the P.A to punish it for heading to the United Nations to seek international recognition of statehood.

The P.A. became unable to perform its civil duties, while living costs witnessed a serious increase leading to massive protests in the West Bank.

The protesters as also demanding Dr. Salaam Fayyad to resign. The United States and Israel are interested in keeping Fayyad in power due to his strong relations with the West.

Israel also sent an urgent letter to the White House demanding the United States to act fast in order to prevent the collapse of the Fayyad government in the West Bank.

It is worth mentioning that the United States trained thousands of Palestinian security officers and personnel in the West Bank, and repeatedly welcomed measures taken by the P. A, in addition to saluting “Fayyad regarding security coordination with Tel Aviv, and his steps towards building stronger institutions”.

But both Israel and the United States are blaming the P.A for the failure of peace talks, and accuse it of placing preconditions for the resumption of these talks.

The stance of the P.A. regarding this issue is that direct negotiations cannot be held while Israel continues its violations, invasions, home demolition and the construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, including in occupied East Jerusalem.