In the village of Qusra, near Nablus in the northern West Bank, a group of armed Israeli settlers stormed the village on Saturday, injuring one Palestinian and sending people running for cover.The settlers came by foot from the Esh Kodesh outpost, which is considered to be illegal both under international law and Israeli law. They were fully armed and came into the village with a massive show of force.

One man, 35-year old Tayseer Quda, was wounded when he was attacked by the Israeli settlers. He was taken to the Al Rafidia Hospital in Nablus for treatment.

This is the same village that was attacked by settlers last week. On that occasion, the settlers uprooted dozens of olive trees, contaminated the drinking water and wounded 15 Palestinians. No investigation of that incident has been launched by Israeli authorities.

Last year, settlers invaded Qusra and destroyed an ancient mosque, defacing its walls with slogans like ‘Mohammed is a pig’. Instead of investigating the attack, Israeli forces invaded the village and fired on villagers, killing a man, who was a relative of the man wounded by settlers on Saturday.