Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi, stated during his speech at the United Nations on Wednesday that the International Community must act and stop Israel’s violations, including Israel’s illegal settlement activities and the ongoing ‘judaization of Jerusalem’.Morsi stated that the Palestinian people clearly expressed their determination to retrieve their rights, and continue to struggle against the occupation in order to achieve their independence, ‘but unfortunately, despite numerous UN and Security Council resolutions, all international resolutions remained unable to grant the Palestinians their legitimate rights’, the Egyptian president said.

Referring to the situation in Syria, Morsi stated that Egypt is acting on preventing any foreign military solution to the crisis, and added that ‘the Syrian people deserve the right to express their will without being subject to external, or even, internal pressures’.

Morsi also said that he came to the United Nations to deliver this speech as the first democratically elected president of Egypt, representing the will of his people who conducted a peaceful revolution ‘that gave birth to a real legitimacy that represents all of the Egyptian people, in Egypt, and in different parts of the world’.

He further stated that Egypt now has a new vision, a vision that wants to work with the International Community to build a relation of mutual respect, and added that his government is committed to all international resolutions in order to achieve real and comprehensive peace.

Morsi stated that Egypt was one of the countries that helped draft the charter of the United Nations, and is committed to it, and wants to ensure all countries abide by it.