A number of extremist Israeli settlers attacked, Wednesday, a young Palestinian man from Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, while he was working at his bakery in Ash-Sharaf neighborhood, in the Old City.As-Salayma told the Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) that the settlers broke into his store and violently attacked him leading to several cuts and bruises to his back and head; he was moved to nearby Israeli medical center.

He added that a significant number of his friends were previously attacked by Israeli extremists, but the Israeli police did not act on apprehending the assailants.

On September 6, a group of Israeli extremists violently attacked a young Palestinian man in al-Qatamon neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem.

The young man, identified as Ibrahim Abu Ta’a, 28, from Wad al-Jouz in Jerusalem, suffered two fractures in his leg. This was the second attack of its kind that takes place in Jerusalem in less than three weeks.

On August 16, a group of extremist settlers attacked a young Palestinian man identified as Jamal Al-Joulani, 17, leading to serious injuries. The extremists kept hitting, punching and kicking Al-Joulani until he fell unconscious; they fled the scene when they thought that he died.

The police apprehended several assailants and the prosecution filed indictments against eight extremists involved in the attack.

Earlier on Wednesday, October 3, a number of extremist Israeli settlers spray-painted racist graffiti against Jesus Christ on the main gate of the Franciscan Monastery, located in Jerusalem. This is the second attack against a Christian Holy Site since last month.

On Tuesday, September 11, a group of extremist Israeli settlers defaced, on Tuesday at dawn, a mosque in Emresh village, south of Doura town, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.