The Ansar 3 Jordanian solidarity convoy managed to enter the Gaza Strip, Sunday, through the Rafah Border Terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, the Palestinian Information Center reported.The convoy, headed by Jordanian solidarity activist, Basheer Az-Zameely, includes 67 activists, most of them are Jordanians.

Convoy members were welcomed in Gaza by the former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs in Gaza, Ahmad Al-Kurd, and representatives of the women’s movement of the Hamas movement.

Al-Kurd thanked convoy members and stated that “convoys that keep heading to Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinian people play an essential role in the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in Gaza, living under Israeli siege, and ongoing Israeli military aggression”.

On his part, Az-Zameely said that convoy members came from Jordan “to break this unjust siege, and to tell the Gazans that they are not alone”.

He added that convoy members include Engineers, Physicians and Pharmacists who came to Gaza to provide scientific and consultation services to the Palestinian people in the coastal region.