Last Friday, several Israeli policemen, in full riot gear, violently attacked and punched a Palestinian child from Jerusalem and kidnapped him. The child was released Tuesday and was placed under house arrest. VIDEO ATTACHEDA video captured by Palestinian cameraman, Amjad Arafa, shows several Israeli policemen forcing the child, Hasan Al-Afeefy, onto the ground, face down, while one policeman was punching him to the head and another policeman holding the child’s hand behind his back to cuff him.

Another officer then walked to the cameraman to force him to stop filming.

After being attacked, the child was arrested, and was released today after his family was ordered to pay a high fine. He will remain under house arrest until further notice.

No legal action was brought against the policemen who assaulted the child causing several injuries, cuts and bruises.

There have been several previous incidents where Israeli policemen and soldiers violently assaulted and abused Palestinian children in Jerusalem, and the assailants never faced charges.

Similar attacks, carried out by soldiers and settlers, were previously caught on tape in Hebron as well as several areas in occupied Palestine.

Video Of Attack