Monday, Israeli soldiers invaded Azzoun village, east of the city of Qalqilia,
and imposed curfew on the village forcing its residents under house arrest.Local sources reported that dozens of military jeeps invaded the village before the
soldiers broke into stores forcing the owners to close them.

The sources added that the army violently broke into several shops and an olive press in the village, causing damage, and forced them to shut down.

Soldiers then used loud speakers announcing curfew on the village until further notice.

On Monday morning, soldiers invaded Safa village, west of the central West Bank city
of Ramallah, and kidnapped Ayman Karaja, a researcher working for the Ad-Dameer
Institution for Human Rights.

Earlier on Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded several areas in the occupied
West Bank, including in occupied East Jerusalem, and kidnapped thirteen Palestinians,
including several children, and took them to unknown destinations.