The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported on Wednesday evening that ailing Palestinian detainee, Mohammad At-Taj, imprisoned by Israel is facing deteriorating health conditions and requires urgent specialized medical attention.The PPS said that At-Taj spends 17 hours a day on a respirator, and is suffering from several complications and infections in his lungs.

PPS Lawyer Eyad Mahameed visited At-Taj at the Hadrim prison clinic; At-Taj told Mahameed that the air in the room is not pure, and that the ventilation system is very bad.

Mahameed stated that At-Taj faints and loses consciousness every time he spend two hours or more away from the ventilator.

He demanded Israel to move At-Taj to a specialized hospital so he can receive the urgently needed medical treatment.

The Lawyer further stated that an Israeli committee for early release will be looking into an appeal filed on behalf of At-Taj demanding his early release due to his deteriorating health condition. At-Taj, 39, is from the central West Bank city of Tubas.

It is worth mentioning that more than 204 Palestinians died in Israeli prisons, since 1967, and detention centers due to the lack of adequate medical attention and extreme torture.