Four Palestinian men were reported killed, five injured, on Wednesday as Israel’s aerial bombardment of Gaza continued until the early morning hours. Palestinian sources said that Mahmourd Abu Jalhum, 27, was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning after succumbing to wounds he sustained the previous night.

Abu Jalhum was injured when an Israeli war jet fired a missile at a group of residents in Beit Lahiya town northern Gaza Strip. Two were killed and five injured in the night attack. Also on Wednesday ,Mohamed Khalil, 30, was killed when Israeli fighter jets targeted the city of Rafah, in the southern Gaza strip.

With the two additional killings the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks since Monday now reached six, with approximately 12 injured. According to local sources, Israel has conducted 11 air raids since Tuesday night against Gaza.

For their part, Palestinian armed resistance groups fired 50 home-made shells at Israeli targets near the Gaza strip as a response to Israel’s escalation in attacks targeting the coastal region.

Palestinian sources said that fighters announced that they formed a joint operations center to counter any wide scale attack targeting Gaza. Israeli sources said that 6 Israelis were injured due to the Palestinian home-made shells.