The Palestinian Human Rights Foundation – Pal-Monitor (Rased) issued a press release denouncing an attack carried out against Freedom of Speech when dozens of Hamas’s security officers and policemen, in Gaza, attacked a procession conducted by women, including political leaders, who marched in Gaza demanding an end to internal divisions and rifts between the political parties.The procession was held in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) building in Gaza City.
Rased (Pal-Monitor) strongly denounced this attack against Freedom of Expression and the Right to Peaceful Assembly, and stated that what happened in front of the PLC building is “an attempt to silence the people’s rights”, and that such attacks “only aim at foiling the attempts that aim at achieving national reconciliation”.

It said that it documented numerous violations carried out by the security forces and police in Gaza, and claimed that this attack against the peaceful procession was “deliberate and unjustified”.

Rased also stated that the security forces were cursing at the women who organized the protest, and that “the Hamas movement in Gaza is trying to enforce a one-party rule, as Hamas attacks any activity that is not organized by it”.

Rased demanded the Hamas-led government in Gaza, and its police and security forces “to respect the residents’ rights to peaceful assembly and Freedom of Expression”, and to ensure that such violations do not happen again.

“The Palestinians in Gaza are living under harsh conditions due to Israel’s siege and its ongoing attacks”, Rased said, “Such attacks against their right to Freedom of Expression are unbecoming acts against a struggling population”.