Israeli sources reported that 10 Israeli soldiers, mainly members of undercover forces, were injured, on Tuesday at dawn, after they infiltrated Shuafat Refugee Camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem. One of the soldiers was stabbed.The sources stated that one soldier suffered mild injuries after being stabbed by a local youth in the camp.

Two other soldiers of the regular units were mildly wounded after local youths hurled stones at them, and were moved to an Israeli hospital.

The undercover forces infiltrated into the camp to kidnap some residents;

After conducting the arrests and attempting to leave the camp, dozens of youths hurled stones at them, and one soldier was stabbed.

A total of ten soldiers were injured in the refugee camp, including 9 soldiers of the undercover forces.

Regular units rushed to the camp and started a search campaign to arrest the stabber, and the youths who hurled stones at the soldiers.

The army then kidnapped a 17-year-old youth allegedly for stabbing one of the soldiers.