Since Israel started its ethnic cleansing war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the IMEMC, as it always did and will always do, started extensive coverage on the war, revealing Israeli crimes against children and infants in the coastal region; similar to previous wars, another war started against the IMEMC, a cyber-war carried out by extremist fascist Zionists who do not want the truth to come out.

The IMEMC stands strong and firm, is and will always be committed to its principles that defend human rights, to expose the war crimes carried out against the Palestinian people, not only during this war, but throughout the years of illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

All attempts to silence the IMEMC, and any grassroots media agency, are attempts to silence the truth, to silence the real voices that refuse to submit to corporate greed and control.

The war on Gaza continues, more and more civilians, including children and infants, are being killed, murdered, massacred and burnt.

And the cyber war against us continues to expand and escalate, but we are, and will always remain strong, despite our nonexistent financial resources, we are rich with determination, and will continue to fight those Zionist hackers who attempt to silence us, and force our site offline.

They do not want you, our precocious readers around the world, to see and hear the truth, they want to kill the truth so that only corporate-run media agencies, that serve their warmongering masters continue to dominate the news, and continue to feed the public lies.

The war on Gaza continues, more children and women are being killed and injured; 30 Palestinians, including several children, have been killed since Wednesday, and more than 255 Palestinians have been injured; 100 children, women and elderly are among the wounded.

List of Palestinians Killed By Israeli shells so far;

1. Ahmad Al-Ja’bary, leader of Hamas’ Military Wing.
2. Mohammad Al-Hamss.
3. Ranan Arafat, 3 years old.
4. Omar Al-Mash-Harawi, 10 months.
5. Issam Abu Al-Ma’za.
6. Mohammad Al-Kaseeh.
7. Hiba Al-Mash-Harawi, 19 years old and six months pregnant.
8. Mohammad Abu Sawaween, elderly.
9. Habes Masmas.
10. Wael Al-Ghalbaan.
11. Hisham Al-Ghalbaan.
12. Rani Hammad (his wife gave birth to a boy shortly after he was killed)
13. Khaled Abu An-Nassr.
14. Marwan Abu Al-Qomsaan, elderly.
15. Waleed Al-Abadla, 4 years old.
16. Haneen Tafesh, 10 months old.
17. Odai Jamal Nasser, 16 years old.
18. Fares Al-Basyouni, 9 years old.
19. Mohammad Eyad Sa’dallah, 4 years old.
20. Tahrir Suleiman.
21. Ayman Al-Abed Abu Warda.
22. Ismail Qandeel.
23. Younis Kamal Tafesh.
24. Mohammad Salman.
25. Amjad Abu Jalal.
26. Ziad Abu Jalal.
27. Ahmad Abu Jalal.
28. Hasan Al Hailma’.
29. Khaled Ash-Sha’er.
30. Ayman Salim.

The Zionists do not want you to read about that, they do not want you to hear and see the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in different parts of occupied Palestine, especially in the besieged and improvised Gaza Strip.

The war, and the cyber war, goes on and we will continue our coverage of the news, we will resist, and we will continue to refuse to be silenced.

Silence is complicity, as the illegal war against the children of Gaza continues, the illegal cyber war continues, and the IMEMC will never be silenced.

Every time there is an Israeli military escalation on Gaza, cyber-attacks against the IMEMC intensify, and our determination grows stronger.

We practice our right to the Freedom of Information, Freedom of Press, that’s why we refuse corporate money, and corporate domination.

We do not have money, but we have the will and the determination to keep reporting, to keep revealing the truth, to keep telling the world that occupation is a crime, and peace can only be achieved when the occupation ends and the Palestinians receive their full and internationally-guaranteed rights as stated by numerous Security Council and United Nations resolutions.

We do not wish harm for anybody, we do not and will never support racism against any person, religions, or any nation in this world. We are all born equal and that is how we shall live.

Corporate media agencies continue to twist and ignore the truth, and continue their one-sided reporting that sides with Israel and ignores the fact that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is the problem, and the very core of the conflict.

Zionists attempt to silence us, and silence grassroots media agencies, but we shall overcome and we will prevail, as we are on the side of the truth, unlike them, we are not on the side of lies and deceit.

Note: On Saturday November 17, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported;

The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli Occupation Forces in the course of the offensive on the Gaza Strip that has been ongoing for the fourth consecutive day has increased to 37, including 17 civilians. The civilian deaths include 6 children and 2 women.

Additionally, 394 Palestinians, including 381 civilians, have been wounded – this number includes 107 children and 64 women. Dozens of civilian and governmental facilities have been also destroyed.

Israeli airstrikes over the past 24 hours have been intense and severe, and have targeted civilian and governmental facilities located in densely-populated areas, causing civilian causalities, contrary to Israeli forces’ claims that they do not target civilians and civilian property. Israeli missiles have also hit populated houses.