Palestinian medical sources announced on Sunday at dawn that the continued Israeli bombardment against Gaza have left 48 killed, including 11 children, while 451 others were injured since Wednesday.Two children were killed when an air raid targeted their home in northern Gaza, while 13 others were injured.

Several air strikes were reported across the Gaza Strip, escalating after midnight.

Moreover, six journalists were injured when Israeli warplanes fired missiles at ‘Ash-Shawwa and Al- Husari’ building in Gaza City.

The building was being used as offices and broadcast centers by many local and international media agencies.

Local sources said that other journalists left their offices in nearby buildings fearing similar Israeli bombardment,

Furthermore, Israeli Navy warships approached the Gaza City beach and fired shells and dozens of rounds of live ammunition gunfire at residents’ homes.

Earlier in the night, the Israeli Air Force fired missiles into a house located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip leading to 10 injuries.

It is worth mentioning that Higher Committee For Medical And Emergency Services In Gaza reported, on Saturday at night, that the number of Palestinian killed since Israel started its offensive on Wednesday arrived to 46, while 451 Palestinians have been injured.

The Ministry added that 11 children, three women, and three elderly, are among the slain Palestinians, and that 150 children, 80 woman, and 24 elderly are among the wounded.