Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Thursday at dawn, 55 Palestinians in different parts of the West Bank; soldiers broke into dozens of homes and searched them before kidnapping the residents.The Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA) reported that the army kidnapped six Palestinians in the Jenin district in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The army invaded Arraba village, near Jenin, and kidnapped Tareq Awad Qa’daan, 44, Ja’far Ibrahim Iz Ed-Deen, 38, and Mohammad Abul-Latif Ash-Sheebani, 39.

In the nearby town of Qabatia, the army kidnapped Awni Kameel, 30, Samer Saba’na, 28, and Faisal Saba’na, 45.

Soldiers also invaded the Al-Yamoun nearby town, and handed resident Samed Abu Al-Haija, 32, a military order informing him to head to the Salem military base for interrogation.

The army searched his home using military dogs; clashes were reported in the village after the army invaded it.

Furthermore, the army invaded Jenin city, Az-Zababda village, and the Mothallath Ash-Shuhadaa’ Village, and installed several roadblocks.

In Bethlehem, the army invaded Teqoua’ village, broke into and searched several homes and kidnapped two residents identified as Saed Nayef Abu Mfareh, 22, and Samer Mousa Abu Mfarreh, 21.

It is worth mentioning that, late on Wednesday at night, the army installed a roadblock at the entrance of Beit Fajjar town, south of Bethlehem, and confiscated surveillance cameras installed in a local gas station that belongs to resident Monir Thawabta.

Soldiers also kidnapped, on Thursday at dawn, six Palestinians in the Nablus district, in the northern part of the West Bank.

The army kidnapped a lecturer at the An-Najah University in the city, identified as Dr. Mustafa Ash-Shunnar, after breaking into his home and searching it.

They also invaded the Balata refugee camp and kidnapped three residents identified as Wael Al-Hash-Shah, Imad Al-Jarf, and Ahmad Abu Thraa’.

Two more residents were kidnapped in the nearby village of Awarta after the army broke into several homes and searched them; the kidnapped residents were identified as Riyadh Awwad, 22, and Aysar Samer Awwad, 22.

Six Palestinians were kidnapped in the central West Bank district of Ramallah; one resident identified as Abdul-Qaher Srour was kidnapped in Nil’lin village, while in Beit Liqya village, the army kidnapped Rabah ‘Aasi, 55, his two sons Fuad, 26, and Jihad, 28, in addition to Issam ‘Aasi, 27, and Ahmad Falah Mousa, 25.

Soldiers also invaded the southern West Bank district of Hebron and kidnapped three residents.
One resident, identified as Bilal Mustafa Al-Jabareen, was kidnapped in Sa’ir town, northeast of Hebron, while resident Nidal Ahmad Abu Raas, was kidnapped from Kharsa village, south of Hebron, and resident Ibrahim Fathi Awad, 22, was kidnapped in Beit Ummar.

On Wednesday at night, the army invaded Ithna town, near Hebron, and fired a concussion grenade into a Palestinian security center wounding an officer identified as Abdul-Hadi Al-Jayawi.

The grenade caused fire to the center.
The latest round of invasions and arrests is part of ongoing daily attacks against the Palestinians and their property in different parts of the occupied West Bank.