Jerusalem. On Tuesday night the Israeli occupation forces detained three Jerusalemites among them youths, during clashed that sparked in the neighborhood of Silwan, East of Jerusalem.The official Palestinian news agency “Wafa” quoted sources from the Information Center in Wadi Helwe that the prisoners are Mahmoud Abu Lafi (14years old), Muntasir Abu Asseb (15 years old)and Iyad Al-Imam (35 years old).
Sources added that the clashed broke out in the neighborhood, after a raid by intelligence and special forces, and the so-called Border Forces, with the aim of detaining youths with the accusation of throwing stones at the Israeli Police car this afternoon.
They also reported that the Israeli occupation forces sealed off the area around the Hotel “Commodore” and also the entrance to “Al-Fauqa” in the district of Swaneh, using sound bombs and rubber bullets to disperse the youths who responded by throwing stones at the soldiers.