Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that senior European Parliamentarians and officials will be arriving in the coastal region on Saturday to observe the devastating effects of the latest Israeli escalation against Gaza, and intend to prepare a report on Israel’s targeting of civilians.Rami Abdo, Regional Manager of the Council for the European Palestinian Relations, reported that approximately 30 American political and legal activists are also expected to join the visiting officials.

Abdo told the Quds Press Media Agency that the visiting delegation will be touring the Gaza Strip starting by visiting the Ad-Dalou family, as Israeli shells killed eleven members of the family during the recent war; most of the victims were children and women. They will also be holding a meeting with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Abdo added that the official of the for the European Palestinian Relations, and the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Council, will be presented with a detailed presentation that summarizes the political and humanitarian situation directly impacted by the recent eight-day war that ended a week ago when an Egyptian-mediated truce was reached between Israel and the resistance in Gaza.

On the second day of their visit, the officials will be conducting a field tour to observe the outcome of the Israeli offensive against residential areas and civil society institutions.
Furthermore, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) will be organizing a tour to summer camps in Gaza.

Abdo stated that this visit is very significant especially since the officials will be able to observe the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the coastal region, the effects of the most recent war on Gaza, and the illegal siege on Gaza imposed by Israel six years ago leading to the death of hundreds of patients.

Furthermore, Abdo said that it is very important that the world “wakes up from its hibernation stage” and acts on ending the longest siege in modern history, a siege that imprisons more than 1.7 million Palestinians.

During the war, the army bombarded more than a thousand buildings and homes, at least 250 of them have been totally destroyed.

The Israeli war to the death of 163 Palestinians, including 42 children, 11 women, and 18 elderly; medical sources reported that 1222 Palestinians have been injured during the war; this includes 431 children, 207 women, and 88 elderly.