United Nations Secretary General Bank Ki-moon, stated that peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are “on life support”, adding that both Israel and the Palestinians must step out of this stalemate and move forwards by resuming direct peace talks.The UN officials did not present his opinion regarding the Palestinian Statehood bid at the United Nations, but reiterated his stances regarding the necessity to resume direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in order to reach a final status peace agreement.

He also stated that it is too sad to see the two-state solution diverting further and further away from its path, and added that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the two-state solution, 65 years ago, after passing resolution 181 that called for dividing Palestine into two states, “but so far, this vision has never been achieved”.

Furthermore, the UN official condemned what he called Palestinian missiles fired into Israel by Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip, and failed to denounce the heavy and deadly Israeli bombardment of every part of the Gaza Strip, leading to the death of more than 163 Palestinians, including 42 children, 11 women, and 18 elderly, in less than eight days of war on Gaza.

He only said that “it is very important to maintain the ceasefire that was reached last week”, and added that “there must be no missiles fired from Gaza into Israel”, and “Israel should refrain from settlement construction in the West Bank as they violate International Law”.

He just “urged” both sides to refrain from attacks against civilian targets, and added that all violations must come to an end.