Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, continues to ignore what he called “all Israeli efforts to resume direct peace talks”, and accused Abbas of placing “impossible preconditions”.
Netanyahu called on Abbas to return to the direct talks table with Israel “without preconditions” with the aim of reaching an agreement that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian State in return for a Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish State”.

He said that such an agreement would put an end to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Furthermore, the Israeli Prime Minister rejected criticisms made against him by former Israeli Internal Security Minister, Yuval Diskin, who denounced that manner Netanyahu deals with security issues, especially the “Iranian file”.

Netanyahu also rejected international condemnation of the ongoing illegal settlement construction and expansion activities in the occupied West Bank, including in occupied East Jerusalem, and said that “consecutive Israel governments always built and expanded Jewish settlements”.

On the internal Israel level, Netanyahu stated that Israeli left wing parties will try to form a coalition before or even after the election with the intention to topple the government.

While Netanyahu and his extremist coalition partners are demanding the Palestinians to return to the negotiations table “without preconditions”, and to recognize Israel as a Jewish State, and despite the fact that the Palestinian Liberation Organization Israel and its right to exist, Israel never recognized the Palestinian right to statehood and independence, and continued to build and expand illegal settlement in direct violation of International Law and the Fourth Geneva conventions.

Israel is also rejecting the internationally-guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees, and is ongoing with its invasions, violations, home demolitions and arrests, while several extremist settler groups are escalating their attacks against Palestinian mosques, churches, property, orchards and farmlands, and are against the residents and their homes.