Chief Palestinian Negotiator, Dr. Saeb Erekat, demanded Israel to stop all of its violations, mainly its ongoing illegal settlements construction and expansion activities in the West Bank including in occupied Jerusalem, and to release all Palestinian political prisoners.Dr. Erekat said that there can never be any resumption of peace talks with Tel Aviv before it stops all of its violations, and added that “what Israel did and is doing in Jerusalem and the West Bank, by building and expanding settlements, voids any chance for the establishment of a viable Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital”.

His statements came during a seminar organized by the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) and the Fateh movement of President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian official further stated that Palestinian reconciliation is a step in the correct direction, and that when differences arise, elections should be held so that the people can decide their future and who rules them.

As for recent reports about a possible confederacy with Jordan, Erekat stated confederacy is not an option, adding that the recent visit of King Abdullah of Jordan to the West Bank came to congratulate the Palestinians for obtaining a nonmember observer state status at the United Nations General Assembly.

He further affirmed the need to activate the Arabic financial safety net that was approved by Arab leaders in order to ensure continued financial support to the Palestinian Authority especially amidst the current American and Israeli financial sanctions against it for heading to the United Nations.