The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reported that more than 602 types of medications and medical supplies are not found in Gaza, including several types of essential medications such as heart medications and medications used by patients who suffer from anemia. The ministry said that, by the end of 2012, the Gaza Strip ran out of 160 types of medications and 442 types of medical supplies, adding that most of the missing medications and supplies are urgently needed as they are used in Intensive Care units, anesthesia, urgent care, kidney failure treatment, and several other sorts of health condition.

The ministry also warned that all heart cauterization procedures could stop at any given moment due to the lack of supplies, adding that surgeons will not be able to perform any type of heart surgery.

It also stated that the lack of medications impacted the health of pregnant women, infants and children, and warned that hundreds of patients could die if the Israeli blockade continues.

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of patients died in hospitals in the Gaza Strip, since Israeli imposed its deadly siege on Gaza in mid-2006, due to the lack of medications, medical equipment and supplies as the Israeli siege left Gaza’s medical centers out of urgently needed supplies.