Four Palestinian refugees have been killed, Monday, in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria during clashes between gunmen stationed in the outskirts of the camp, and in a number of neighborhoods on the edges of the camp.Medical sources reported that Rami Majdalawi and Ahmad Kousa have been killed by a sharpshooter in Ath-Thalatheen in the camp. The two were active in charitable and voluntary work. Their bodies were moved to the Palestine Hospital before prayers were held, and were buried in the Old Graveyard in the camp.

Also on Monday, a Palestinian youth in his twenties, identified as Samer Othman, died of serious injuries he suffered fifteen days ago after he was repeatedly beaten on his head near the camp. He suffered hemorrhage and died of his wounds.

A Fourth refugee, identified as Mohammad Ajayny, died of a serious gunshot injury he suffered more than a month ago.

Local sources in the camp reported that, despite the fact that no shells were fired into the camp Monday, clashes took place in Palestine Street, Ath-Thalatheen Street, Az-Zahera Al-Jadeeda and Al-Meidan; no injuries were reported.

Furthermore, the National Civil committee managed to secure the entry of heavy equipment in order to clean the roads and restore them with the help of youths who managed to enter the camp.

Nearly 10 days ago, a Palestinian refugee identified as Mohammad Qneita, 31, was killed in Idlib City northwest of Syria. Qneita left the Gaza Strip heading to Syria approximately four months ago; he is a resident of the Ash-Shaty’ refugee camp in Gaza.

Dozens of Palestinian refugees in Syria have been killed and injured, including 21 who were killed in the Al-Yarmouk refugee last month.

In November, several Palestinian refugees were killed by a shell targeting their vehicle while driving near the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp.

There are approximately half a million refugees living in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, most of them were forced out of their homes and lands when Israel was established in the historic land of Palestine in 1948.