Palestinian medical sources reported that a Palestinian teenager was killed, on Saturday at night, when a siege-busting tunnel, in Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, collapsed on him; two Palestinian are still missing under the rubble.The youth was identified as Hamza Abu Morr, 19. The accident took place in a tunnel located in Al-Barazil neighborhood, in Rafah.

Medics and rescue teams found his lifeless body under the rubble, and are still searching for two more residents believed to be buried under the rubble too.

On Thursday January 17, Palestinian rescue teams located the body of a resident who went missing last week when a siege busting tunnel on the border with Egypt collapsed on him due to heavy rain.

Last Sunday, one Palestinian was killed and three others were injured when a siege-busting tunnel on the border with Egypt collapsed on them.

The Palestinians in Gaza started digging tunnels after Israel enforced its deadly siege on the coastal region in 2006.

The siege has left hospitals and medical centers in the coastal region out of basic and specialized supplies and equipment, an issue that has led to the death of more than 400 patients, including children and infants.

The Al-Mezan Center for Human rights reported Thursday that the number of Palestinians killed in tunnel accidents arrived to 232, including twenty Palestinians who were killed after the Israeli army bombarded several tunnels as they were in them.

Around 600 Palestinians have been wounded in these incidents.