Palestinian sources reported, on Sunday at night, that violent clashes took place between refugees of the Al-Amary refugee camp, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and Palestinian Security Forces, leading to several injuries.The clashes took place after dozens of refugees took off to the streets to protest an Israeli military attack against Palestinian detainees in Eshil Israeli prison, and the Israeli decision to move the detainees to different prisons.
The news was leaked through a video that was secretly recorded by the detainee in Eshil.

The clashes expanded, on Sunday evening, after the Palestinian security forces tried to disperse local protesters who burnt tires on the Jerusalem-Ramallah road, and managed to block traffic.

Medical sources reported that nearly 20 Palestinian protesters and 15 policemen have been injured; two women were among the wounded.

The wounded residents and police were moved to the Palestine Medical Center, while some were treated by field medics.

Video By Wattan TV – WattanNews Youtube Page

The Palestinian Police declared the Al-Amary refugee camp as a closed military zone, and tried to prevent reporters from entering the area.