Tuesday February 26, 2013, A Palestinian woman from occupied Jerusalem was attacked, on Monday afternoon, by a number of extremist Jewish women who tried to remove her hijab, as she was waiting at the Train Station in Jerusalem.Israeli Hebrew-language daily, Maariv, published pictures of the women as they assaulted the Arab woman and tried to remove her hijab covering her hair.

The attack took place at the light rail station in Kiryat Moshe in Jerusalem, the Arab woman tried to defend herself, but the Israeli women kept attacking her and managed to remove her veil.

Maariv said that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman walked by the Palestinian woman and punched her, before some of her friends participated in the attack, and started beating the woman. Eyewitnesses took pictures the attack.

Maariv also reported that, after it published the news about the attack, the Israeli Police opened an investigation into the issue.

Dorit Dotan, an Israeli peace activist who witnessed the attack, stated that a security officer working for the Jerusalem Municipality just watched the assault and smiled.