Egyptian sources reported, Sunday, that the Egyptian police and security forces uncovered a cell that operated on behalf of Israel in the Sinai area in Egypt. The sources said that cell members were spying on Egypt and were on constant communication with Israeli security officers.

Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth reported that the spies are eight Palestinian and Egyptian men working for Israel, and that Egypt managed to intercept phone calls between cell members and Israeli officers.

Sameeh Shadi, in charge of the security in northern Sinai, reported on Sunday afternoon that the security forces managed to apprehend the eight, and that the person who ran the spy cell is from the Egyptian city of Rafah, who also managed to pass sensitive information to Israel.

Cell members have been under constant surveillance over the last four months, and were operating in Cairo and northern Sinai.

The Egyptian security services said that it has several tapes of recorded calls cells leaders made with persons in Egypt and Israel security officers.