Monday morning, April 29, 2013, Israeli soldiers demolished three Palestinian homes in the At-Tour area, in occupied East Jerusalem, rendering at least 30 Palestinians homeless.Mohammad Abu Al-Hummus, coordinator of the At-Tour and Al-Esawiyya Follow-up Committee, told the Radio Bethlehem 2000, in Bethlehem, that two army bulldozers, accompanied by several military jeeps, invaded the area, and demolished three homes that belong to Gheith family.

Abu Al-Hummus added that the army previously forced the residents out of their homes three times under the pretext that they were built without construction permits.

He also stated that the area in question witnesses frequent attacks and violations carried out by Israeli soldiers and extremist settlers at it falls under the area Israel illegally classifies as a “National Garden”.

In Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers invaded the Dheisheh refugee camp, south of the city, and kidnapped a Palestinian youth.

Local sources reported that the army kidnapped Hamdan Ibrahim Zawahra after breaking into his family’s home and violently searching it. He was cuffed, blindfolded and was moved to an unknown destination.

On Sunday evening, the army kidnapped a disabled Palestinian man at the Al-Karama border terminal in the West Bank as he was heading home in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Ala’ Hasan Wishahi, 22, was returning home following pilgrimage in Mecca – Saudi Arabia, local sources reported.

On Sunday at night, undercover forces of the Israeli army kidnapped a Palestinian man at a Coffee Shop in Jaba’ town, south of Jenin.

The man, Abdul-Karim Awad Alawna, 30, is a former political prisoner who spent several years in Israeli prisons.