Monday at dawn, April 29, 2013, an explosive charge was placed and detonated, in front of the home of a Fateh official, in the Rafah district, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, leading to excessive damage to his car and home.Media sources in Rafah reported that the attack targeted the home and car of Monther Al-Bardaweel, in Al-Jneina neighborhood, in Rafah. He is an official of the Fateh movement, headed by Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.

Security sources in Gaza reported that a small explosive charge was placed in front of the home of Al-Bardaweel, and was apparently remotely detonated, causing excessive damage to his car and to the main door and windows of his home.

The sources added that Palestinian security officials and the police arrived at the scene and sealed the area in order to initiate an investigation into the attack.

Several weeks ago, a Fateh official, identified as Jamal Obeid, was shot and injured by gunmen in Rafah.

The Hamas-run police and security forces managed to apprehend the assailants who are reportedly members of the Fateh movement, and considered the incident as part of internal conflicts within the movement.