Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday morning, the Al-‘Oja village in Jericho, demolished two Palestinian homes, and handed orders for the demolition of five more homes in the village.Local sources reported that the army invaded the area and demolished the two homes under the pretext that they were built without a construction permit from Israel, as they are located in “Area C” under Israeli control.

The sources said that the two homes are located within the village’s limits, and its construction jurisdiction, and added that the home were built more than seven years ago.

The demolished homes are 80 and 120 square/meters, and are home to nine Palestinians. They belong to Abdul-Hai Najada and Salam Abdul-Hai Najada.

The army also handed orders against five more homes in the village, located in Area A and C in the village. Sixty persons live in the five homes.

Area A (%3 of the West Bank) is under full Palestinian civil and “security control”, Area B is under Palestinian Civil Control with Joint security control, and Area C is 72% of the West Bank under full Israeli civil and security control.

Israel continuously invades the Palestinian territories, regardless of classification and control, conducts home invasions, home and property demolitions, uproots trees, installs roadblocks, and conducts daily arrests.