Senior Israeli military and security officials stated that the reconciliation with Turkey, and the progressing relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv, enabled Israel, over the last few days, to carry out several air strikes against Syrian targets.Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth quoted Israeli officials stating that the apology made by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the death of nine Turkish activists on board the MV Marmara solidarity ship, on May 31 2010, allowed Israel to operate freely in the north without fearing a confrontation with Ankara.

The officials said that the reconciliation and good relations with Turkey would eventually lead to a future regional cooperation “against Iran and terrorist groups in the region”.

They also said that the current relations with Turkey also granted Israel an enormous international support regarding air strikes carried out, last Sunday and Thursday, against Syrian targets, especially U.S. and British support.

Meanwhile, Israeli media sources reported that Tel Aviv and Ankara are about to sign an agreement for financial compensation for the victims of the Israeli attack on MV Marara.

Furthermore, senior Israeli Foreign Ministry officials held a meeting, Monday, in an attempt to determine the amount of the proposed financial compensation.

The Israeli paper further reported that the meeting was described as positive, and that both parties managed to reach a draft agreement, but added that “there are other related issues that need to be addressed before the final deal is sealed.”

An Israeli official said that Israel estimates the compensation amount to reach five or six million USD, and in return, Turkey vows to void all lawsuits filed against Israeli military officials, and soldiers, involved in the attack and the death of the nine Turkish solidarity activists.

In addition, Turkey reportedly promised to approve an amendment that allows the Turkish government to prevent Turkish citizens from suing Israel or its soldiers in the future.